GyanSys Enterprise Cloud Integration – Scalable and Secure

Critical Business Challenge

  • Most of the business don’t want to put all the sensitive data on cloud
  • Cloud is not yet ready to host huge volume of data
  • Sales centric applications need to be easily accessible
  • Mobile enablement is mandatory
  • Businesses want to go for a hybrid model whose success will decide if they can completely migrate to cloud or stay on premise

How does GyanSys make you more agile than your competitors

SAP Cloud Solutions Certified Partner

On-premise – Cloud Integration Services

Cloud Strategy Consulting

Cloud Solutions Reseller

Best Practice Methodology

  • Solutions based on available communication channels, data exchange format & nature of systems
  • Selecting appropriate integration platform for cloud can avoid headaches later
  • Avoid excessive custom development. Define a Governance methodology for custom built application on cloud.

How can GyanSys Help?

  • Assistance overcoming firewall challenges
  • Integration for connecting business applications on a functional level
  • Solution across all scenarios [Cloud-to-cloud or Cloud-to-on premise]
  • Recommendations to speed up ETL processes in cloud while minimizing latency
  • Enablement of adapters for cloud end-points
  • Identity management to access cloud systems, integrate with partner systems [e.g: Hubspot] or enable remote workforce

Generic approach to On-premise and Cloud integration

Generic approach to On-premise and Cloud integration

Why GyanSys for your Cloud Integration Solutions?

  • In-depth knowledge of on premise integration servers [MSFT BizTalk, IBM WebSphere etc.]
  • Expertise in Middleware options including SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration, SAP HANA Cloud Integration, BizTalk, IBM WebMethod
  • Partnership with 3rd party companies including Dell Boomi
  • Asynchronous messaging capabilities to deploy business data using a “fire-and-forget” technique
  • Understanding of REST vs. traditional SOAP web services end-points
  • Experience building custom solution and deploying in Microsoft cloud