Integration of SAP Digital Payment Add-On and SAP S/4 On-Premise Version 1709



SAP released SAP Digital Payment Add-On for integrating SAP Applications for Digital Payments. This Add-On is part of FSCM functional area and available as “Cloud Application” (SAP-FSCM-HCP-DP) and can be subscribed as SaaS based solution. Initially SAP natively integrated this Digital Payment Add-on with all SAP Cloud Applications including SAP S/4 Cloud Version.

From SAP S/4 On-Premise 1709, SAP Digital Payments Add-On is Integrated, and which provides native integration to Digital Payments Innovations.

System Architecture

Payment Service Providers need to be set up in Digital Payment Add-On with respective adaptor and digital payment related requests would be routed to respective PSP. Fiori Apps are provided on Digital Payment Add-On to perform core setup. At S/4 On-Premise Application side, RFC Destination and Application Configuration must be complete to enable the Digital Payment Functionality.

Technical Configuration in S/4 On-Premise System

Following Integration settings need to be completed to connect – SAP system with SAP Digital Payment Add-On. Two RFC connections must be made in SM59

  • RFC destination: DIGITALPAYMENTS
Connection TypeGSAP S/4 Digital Payment Add-On is an external Cloud Application
Host****Get from Basis Team
Path Prefix/oauth/token
User***One user Per System if SAP Digital Payment Add-On is used by more than one System
Password***As provided by admin
Connection TypeGSAP S/4 Digital Payment Add-On is an external Cloud Application
Host****Get from Basis Team
Path Prefix/core/v1/For 1709 purpose
Path Prefix/core/Future Versions higher than 1709
SPRO > SAP Digital Payment Add-On > Activation

Functional Configuration

Some of the configuration elements do not change from previous version

  • Basic Settings
  • Business Partner Synchronization
  • Settings in SAP SD Billing
  • Credit Card Payment Advise Notes (Bank Recon)
  • Clearing Account Posting Rules
  • Virtual Bank
  • Tax Code Settings for Bank Charges
  • SAP Digital Payment Add-On

SPRO > Cross-Application Components > Payment Cards >  Basic Settings > Maintenance of payment type

Payment TypeDescriptionDigital Payments
DP02Master CardX
DP03American ExpressX
All types of credit cards which would be allowed by Business need to be set up here and SAP Digital Payment Add-On – Router for respective Payment Service Provider

SPRO > Cross-Application Components > Payment Cards > Basic Settings > Maintenance of Payment Category

Payment TypeDescription
01Credit Card
02Direct Debit (ACH)
03Business to Business Payments
Only Credit Card is Available now. In future other types of services are expected from SAP Digital Payments

Following Credit Card Checking Rules Not relevant in 1709 if Digital Payments Add-On is used, as the Credit Card Checks would be performed in SAP Digital Payment Add-On

  • American Express Checking Rule BUP_CCARD_CHECK_AMEX
  • MasterCard Checking Rule BUP_CCARD_CHECK_MC
  • Diners Club Checking Rule BUP_CCARD_CHECK_DINERS

End-to-End Credit Card Integration Processes


Key System Benefits

  • Centralized configuration for Digital Payments
  • Cloud and on-premise Applications can access same Digital Payment Application
  • SAP Customer Digital Payments is natively integrated for Cloud Applications
  • Other expense solutions such as Paymetrics ( Software as well as Consulting) not required


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