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Expert Perspective Series - Jeff Wilensky

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Jeff Wilensky, Managing Director for GyanSys’ Salesforce practice, shares his long-term experience working within the IT industry. He sat down recently to share his views on how customers can best leverage Salesforce solutions to achieve their business goals. 

Read his inspiring interview below.

How long have you been working in the IT industry?

 I have worked helping companies leverage technology for 20+ years and spent the last 7 partnering with Salesforce. After being a user, I shifted to the advisory/system integrator side in 2015 as a founder and partner of a Salesforce consultancy, which quickly grew to platinum partner status and was acquired by Rackspace Technology. 

  I am a big proponent of how Salesforce can help businesses transform and provide significant value, whether that's scaling for growth or increasing revenue. GyanSys has a proven track record of providing similar value for their clients, so when the opportunity to come on board with GyanSys presented itself, I jumped at it. 

How did you first get into the Salesforce community?

  Most of my career has been spent in management consulting and I've been a Salesforce user myself.  The opportunity arose to help start a Salesforce consultancy combining my process improvement experience with cloud technology enablement helping other companies see the benefits that I saw as a user. That’s when I was fully immersed in the Salesforce ecosystem. I quickly dove in and learned the platform’s broad range of capabilities and worked with clients to realize benefits well beyond what I had experienced as a user. 

What are some of the most prevalent business challenges companies are facing today? 

  For the past ten years, companies, especially mid-size to larger enterprise companies, have been going through various digital transformation initiatives. Though, those initiatives and technology adoptions have accelerated over the past 18 months due to drastic changes from remote workforces to supply chain disruptions. 

 A big challenge we are seeing today centres around how companies can pivot and become more agile, whether that means addressing increased customer service workload or moving more towards eCommerce. In the past, especially when people were in offices, they could just throw more bodies at the work but that's inefficient and not sustainable. 

 Leveraging Salesforce’s low code, automation, and remote work capabilities, we have been able to help companies pivot within a relatively short amount of time. 

What is the average implementation time for a solution like Salesforce? 

 We encourage our customers to implement Salesforce in a phased approach with the mindset of continuous improvement so that they can evolve with the products. An initial implementation can run anywhere from three to nine months, depending on the magnitude of the business as well as the functionality that we are implementing.

We bring lessons learned and our breadth of experience to every project which helps our clients to focus on what's going to be their biggest value right out of the gate. From there, we provide a road map to continue deploying Salesforce to their entire organization and/or add additional functionality as is necessary.

What sets GyanSys apart from other companies within the Salesforce ecosystem? 

 The appeal of GyanSys is multi-faceted and includes 15 years of experience working with a large customer base in both the manufacturing and consumer goods industries. In addition, our high-quality team, with over 250 certifications, and a blended onshore/offshore model is very attractive as it drives value and accelerates the return on investment for our clients. 

 This solid foundation to build from gives our Salesforce practice a head start as we quickly grow and become a premier partner in the ecosystem. We have also developed industry-specific IP and accelerators like our Salesforce to SAP Connector application. The solution helps organizations integrate master and transactional data between SAP and Salesforce reducing the cost and ongoing maintenance effort.  

How does GyanSys help organizations with their business challenges?

The experience that we have at GyanSys, specifically around manufacturing and consumer goods, comes with a distinct point of view based on time-proven leading practices for quantifiable results. We advise our customers on how to best leverage Salesforce to achieve their goals and realize a return on investment much quicker than others in the ecosystem.

Our flexible delivery model is very attractive. We don’t sell Salesforce and simply walk away. We have a variety of ways in which we engage with our customers. Our flexible delivery model accommodates everything from implementation projects, to developing custom applications, to ongoing managed services needs. We also supplement our client’s internal teams when they don’t possess unique Salesforce skillsets. We truly partner with our customers throughout their entire life cycle, continually helping them evolve on the platform as their needs grow and change.