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Holistic Cloud Migration Strategies for Business Continuity

By GyanSys Inc.

SAP migration to the cloud happens when organizations move their SAP applications, data and technology to managed cloud services. As the migration is from one platform to a new platform, there are a number of questions to consider before you get started.

How do you minimize risk and execute a major program with minimum or ZERO business impact and disruption?

To be successful moving from SAP ERP on Premises and transition to Cloud, one must consider whether to do a lift & shift, implement from scratch, upgrade to S/4HANA ERP, or is something in between to match the overall organizational needs across functional line of business.

What environments should be considered when migrating to the cloud?

Do you migrate your entire landscape; or only move production, DEV, QA, or Stage instances?  What interfaces from other supporting systems will you need and at what performance; should those supportive systems move as well?  What about cybersecurity?  Will your data be safe in the cloud or hybrid environment?

Which cloud provider should I choose?

There are many cloud providers to choose from, whether that be Google Cloud, Azure, SAP HEC or Amazon Web Services, each has pros and cons to meet varying client needs. Additionally, organizations would need to prepare for sizing and data cleansing, as well as understand how to decommission old hardware in an environmentally friendly way, to name a few.

The answers to all these questions vary by client needs, and each project is unique. It is not just a move, or project. It should be considered as whole program for business continuity to get the full value and optimization from moving to the cloud including, high availability, performance scaling, and easier maintenance.

GyanSys offers accelerated adoption packages to help you get started. Connect with us for a free one-hour workshop. We will assess your landscape and build a business case with quantifiable end goals in mind. Reach out to us or me directly via LinkedIn to help you on the cloud journey.