Rapid Deployment Solutions

Jumpstart Your Enterprise Mobility Deployment

Take advantage of our pre-configured Rapid Deployment Solutions, built based on SAP Best Practices for an efficient and speedy roll-out of your Enterprise Mobility solutions. We adhere to standard processes during the design phase, while leaving room for scalability and further enhancements as the process matures. Our customers leverage our in-house accelerators around SAP Fiori, Screen Personas, SAP Syclo.

Rapid Deployment Timeline

GyanSys RDS+ For Accelerated Mobility Transformations

SAP Mobile Platform

  • Rapid deployment solutions to support diverse applications across customer relationship management, human resources, Product life-cycle Management as well as industry specific applications
  • Support for online & Offline scenarios, remote device management, data security leveraging the SAP Mobile Platform 3.0
  • End-to-end implementation & configuration of SAP Mobile Platform, NetWeaver Gateway, with integration to SAP & Non-SAP back-end systems
  • Pre-configured demo environment for diverse industry specific scenarios
  • Experience developing diverse Mobile Applications – Cross platform, Hybrid Web, Agentry applications etc.
SAP Mobile Platform
GyanSys SAP Fiori Launchpad Graphic

Rapid Deployment of SAP Fiori

  • Speedy deployment and technical validation of infrastructure
  • Prototyping approach: roll-out to a limited user base (agile/Activate Methodology)
  • Full roll-out 3 weeks fro 1st app and 2   weeks for subsequent apps
  • Knowledge transfer of best practices for secure infrastructure and implementation practices
  • Integration solutions for Fiori with SAP Mobile portal and other SAP/Non-SAP Applications

Leveraging the Ease of Fiori 2.0 using a responsive Design Paradigm

  • Personas on Fiori with Role-based pre-configured screen content
  • Personalizable content, easy bookmarking and collaboration capabilities
  • Search across apps and business objects
  • Support of established UI technologies (as SAP UI5, FPM/WDA, SAP GUI for HTML (SAP GUI for Windows only via SAP Business Client)
  • Online & Offline Capabilities
  • Theme-ing and branding via UI theme designer
  • Open and extensible

Screen Personas

SAP Screen Personas V 3.0  allows the creation of role based flavor of SAP screen to increase productivity without any custom coding.

  • Simplify complex Dynpro or Web Dynpro ABAP screens
  • Create SAP Fiori designs for custom or standard transactions, including SAP S/4HANA
  • Streamline business processes by providing only the essential screen elements and data to complete transactions faster and more accurately through fewer data entry fields and reduced scrolling
  • Automate repetitive tasks and simplify complex screens through pre-filled fields and pull-down menus, which help the user save time on data entry
  • Take advantage of themes that unify user experience across all screens at a single shot
SAP Syclo

SAP Syclo

    12 Week Rapid Deployment Solution, leveraging pre-configured in-house PoC systems for accelerated prototyping
  • Configuration of Agentry SAP Framework and integration to SAP back-end
  • Ability to manage heterogeneous data sources, networks and devices
  • Support across diverse platforms (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • UI Design, Prototyping & Mock-ups to achieve native looks and feel
  • Pre-built accelerators for:
    • SAP Work Manager
    • SAP CRM Service Manager
    • SAP Inventory Manager
    • SAP Rounds Manager

Customers Who Trust Our Mobility Services

“The business driver for implementing mobility solutions was to unify and expedite business processes. GyanSys partnered, designed and delivered apps on an aggressive schedule with a professional look & feel enabling quick user adoption.”

“GyanSys not only developed a highly robust and scalable custom Microsoft application, but also made sure it was future proof for our 7000+ users. Replacing our legacy 20 year old application with a responsive design, we can now enable this on a mobile device.”