Recipe Development

From lab to plant and beyond- GyanSys’ SAP PLM Recipe Development Solutions

A well-implemented PLM system helps your organization design compliant products quickly and stay ahead of competition by using R&D as a strategic differentiator. GyanSys can be a trusted partner in your PLM journey. The team of experienced SAP PLM consultants at GyanSys can help you unlock the full value of your SAP PLM investment by optimally configuring the following capabilities of the solution –

  • Substance Database: SAP PLM’s unique capabilities in this area allows you to build a database of all the input and output substances along with their properties. This plays an important role in regulatory matters and formulation. Is your database built using a legacy application? Not a problem! We can help you to migrate it to SAP PLM
  • Collaborative Product Development: Work in collaborative yet secure manner with SAP PLM’s web UI solution that can be extended beyond the R&D team to vendors and customers, without losing integrity of your data
  • Formula Definition and Optimization: Save on multiple lab trials by optimizing formulation and predicting properties based on input substances and quantities. Maintain versions and alternatives of recipe to cater to different markets and their changing needs
  • Regulatory Compliance: SAP PLM’s compliance check functionality allows you to uncover compliance issues while the product is still being formulated, and save dollars on costly corrections and product recalls. GyanSys consultants can help you define complex rules that adhere with prevailing regulations.
  • Multi-lingual Labels and Reports: Define product labels in a compliant way to reflect accurately the information on ingredients, nutrients and allergens. Generate regulatory reports directly from the system
  • Semi-automatic Handover to Manufacturing: SAP PLM provides a guided process to handover general recipe to manufacturing as site recipe, along with a bill of material. The tool offers flexibility such that you can maintain site-specific differences and yet keep the recipes updated with the latest changes from R&D
  • Integration with Master Data Governance (MDG): If you are using the SAP MDG solution, our consultants can integrate it with SAP PLM so you have a truly single version of truth across the organization

The GyanSys Engagement Roadmap


In this phase, our functional and technical experts in the SAP R&D and Sustainability solution areas drive business blueprint and solution assessment. We help you map out a detailed business case for implementing SAP PLM for your business


Our consultants execute the solution blueprint with starting with high-level data modeling through to customer-specific developments and configurations, followed by data migration


Our consultants extend continued support both in terms of upgrade, ramp up and training users in your organizati