GyanSys provides a range of business and technology consulting services geared to maximize your Return on Investment for your upcoming SAP journey. Since an SAP implementation or rollout can be disruptive for an organization, proper planning and management of this change is needed to derive maximum value. Our services help to guide an organization’s executive management team through this business transformation. The services we provide help you chart your SAP roadmap.

SAP Roadmap

There are guidelines that need to be followed while preparing to embark on a business transformation journey:

  • Have the End Goal in Sight

    Have the end goal and objective clearly in sight; chart out a 12-24-36 month program if necessary

  • Create Solutions That Integrate Well

    Ensure you are creating solutions that integrate well with your existing legacy systems until they are replaced by SAP.

  • Enterprise Change Management Strategy in Place

    Have an enterprise change management strategy in place – invest in training and workshops and constantly communicate business benefits to employees.

  • Have Fallback Strategies During Transformation

    Ensure you have fallback strategies for critical processes while undergoing the transformation.

  • Achieve the Maximum Benefits from Your Investment

    Ensure you are getting the maximum benefits from your SAP investment; look for hidden opportunities to unleash the most value.

GyanSys can help you drive business success using this simple approach. Our mix of SAP Roadmap services are geared to help you with:

Business Process Management

Redefine and align your organization’s processes to make it efficient and deliver maximum value for all stakeholders. Make sure that information flows freely to key decision-makers throughout the organization so every employee is geared to execute decisions based on changing business situations.

SOA Based Design

In today’s integrated business world, systems should be integrated as well. Standards-based software design and implementation will seamlessly move information around within and outside of the enterprise and satisfy regulatory concerns.

Value Re-engineering Services

Unlock the value in your SAP investment with GyanSys’ methodologies and toolsets . We will work with your organization in a variety of ways, from 1-day workshops to extensive audits and evaluations across your value chain.

GyanSys Value Re-Engineering Process


Our experts help organizations develop and deploy elaborate IT governance frameworks. These include products and services to meet the evolving IT governance needs of today. Our services are geared to ensure the right controls are defined and implemented in line with accepted frameworks. These frameworks and controls help organizations fulfill their regulatory and legal obligations on using IT in their business.

Compliance and Policies 

Our services help organizations to implement a standards-based compliance framework that helps you:

  • Identify your requirements for compliance and information risk management.
  • Pinpoint gaps in existing practices and develop robust security policies.
  • Establish a proactive, end-to-end IT compliance program that provides more comprehensive security.
  • Apply scalable, flexible technology controls to meet multiple standards and regulations without duplication.
  • Eliminate redundant controls and ensure maximum leverage from your technology investments.

Business Rules 

Our consultants can help your organization create rules for IT decision making and architecture, including:

  • Architecture Standards – Software and Hardware Standards, Systems Architecture, RDBMS, Open Source Adoption and so on.
  • Project Execution and Delivery Activities – PMO setup, Software Engineering Practices, Software Quality Assurance, Development and Documentation Practices and Standards, Deployment Practices and Business Continuity Planning.
  • Security – IT Forensics, Security Standards, Audits.