Change Management

It is absolutely essential to get the right knowledge to the right people at the right time, especially for SAP applications. GyanSys provides applications and task-specific training and change management in all SAP applications. Our team includes instructors who can deliver training on diverse ranges of SAP Enterprise business suites covering areas like CRM, SCM, PLM HCM and GRC, in addition to Core ERP.


SAP training opportunities appear many times throughout your SAP solution’s lifecycle. For a new implementation, clients typically require education to understand the functionality of SAP prior to initializing the project. This is necessary to take advantage of business processes reengineering, apply best practices and maximize your SAP solution design. During a project rollout, each SAP user will need to understand how to utilize the system to perform their job. GyanSys will work with you to construct an effective training program that educates each SAP user. Often after implementations occur, and the users have become familiar with the new solution, an advanced training program is executed. Advanced training allows users to understand more details of SAP and be educated on even more advantages SAP offers to execute transactions and reporting.

Change Management

With each new solution or experience, SAP users are faced with change. Change starts at the beginning of a project and continues throughout the development and delivery of that solution. Working with our client managers, GyanSys offers our communication methodology and proven tools that help each client deliver the appropriate message. This establishes a positive foundation for change and sets the stage for user acceptance.

Delivery Services

GyanSys can schedule a training for enterprise applications during a time that is convenient to you, at your location to reduce travel costs for employees. This approach is advantageous because as, the employees get the benefit of learning in their work environment rather than in an outside classroom setup. We are also capable of supplying remote instruction, demonstrations, e-learning recordings, or whatever your team needs to be effective in using the SAP software. At GyanSys, we have the experience to integrate business processes which enable our clients to use SAP Applications immediately and efficiently.

GyanSys’ service offerings deliver:

  • Communications planning and execution for change management
  • One-on-one training with SAP end users
  • User Training manuals or work procedures to guide them through tasks
  • User help cards or “cheat sheets” for transaction or terminology quick reference
  • Design and delivery of e-learning classes or recordings so users can access on their own schedule
  • Follow up efficiencies and utilization queries for a better understanding of user comprehension of the SAP system