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Materion Corporation’s path to an integrated business planning process using SAP IBP for their global advanced S&OP process, demand, & supply management.

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Materion is one of the world’s premier advanced materials solutions providers committed to developing, manufacturing, and marketing highly engineered advanced materials for global customers across a wide range of markets. Materion faced a challenge where they lacked a common, global S&OP process that could provide a collaborated demand forecast and respective supply plan globally across all its business segments. Their goal was to establish a “OneMaterion” Sales & Operations Planning process template to be implemented and executed globally for all its business segments.

Learn about Materion’s strategic SAP IBP journey till date to improve and harmonize their advanced S&OP, demand and supply planning process in support of their ITAR compliant global business. Hear about their joint efforts with GyanSys to adopt, design and deploy SAP IBP – S&OP capabilities integrated with their current SAP ERP solution to lay the foundation for their future roadmap of a complete financially integrated highly responsive supply chain enabled by SAP IBP’s mid-term & short-term capabilities and processes.

The presentation includes SAP’s roadmap for IBP with upcoming enhancements.


Steve Holt, CIO – Materion Corporation

Andy Foster, IBP Solution Owner – SAP

Dave Bigot, Managing Director – GyanSys

Sundeep Pai, Sr. Director of Supply Chain – GyanSys