Mitch E. Daniels, Jr. - Purdue University President

Purdue Pathmaker Internship

The Purdue University Pathmaker Internship Program is provided as an option for students looking to expand their educational experience by partnering with a variety of corporations and organizations. At GyanSys we are working to engage the next generation of employees. Students gain real-world work experience while receiving funding for their education. GyanSys is a corporate partner participating in and supporting this university-private industry program.

“There is no program at Purdue that I’m more excited about. An internship gives students experience and exposure, but most importantly, real world practice in their chosen field of study. All evidence, including the Gallup-Purdue Index, tells us that internships lead to more engaged employees with skills that employers value the most.” – Mitch E. Daniels, Jr. – President, Purdue University

Visit Purdue’s website for more information on the program.

FRC Robotics Team Sponsor

At GyanSys we are always looking to invest in emerging technologies, what better way to do so than cultivating the next generation of thought leaders. For this reason we have provided the local robotics team, TechHOUNDS, with a space for a practice field and a meeting location for their weekly Programming Learning Sessions.

“The practice field GyanSys provides enables the team to continue working on our projects outside of our school’s spacial boundaries. At the practice field, we have time to perfect our autonomous programs as well as train our drivers for upcoming competitions. We are extremely thankful for the opportunity GyanSys has given us to push the boundaries of what our team is capable of.” – Laura Dobie, Team President 2017-2018

Watch this video to hear more about our partnership!