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Simple Goods Movement in SAP S/4 Using Fiori

SAP has been touting the simplification aspects of SAP S/4 specifically around the Fiori enabled transactions to perform tasks in the system. Anyone familiar with the SAP GUI transaction “MIGO” knows that it is sometimes difficult to navigate and not very visually pleasing to the user.

The Migo Function in Action

SAP Fiori has begun taking the MIGO functions and making them simple, visually pleasing and easy to use resulting in a better user experience for the end user.

Below is an example of a movement of product from unrestricted stock to blocked stock in a simple Fiori transaction.


SAP Fiori UI


The user in this example, is a warehouse clerk and has access to the Warehouse Processing tiles in the SAP Fiori application. The user selects the Transfer Sock In-Plant tile.


SAP Fiori Transfer Stock UI


The user is presented with the screen above showing the valid storage locations that the material is extended to within the plant. This is a nice feature as the user no longer has to jump to another SAP transaction to find this data.

Also the stock is showing in the top right corner of the screen. The user in this example, is moving 1 piece from the RAW location to blocked stock in the RAW location. By selecting the Up Arrow next to the quantity 999.00 showing in RAW unrestricted use stock and then selecting the Down Arrow on the blocked stock line for the RAW storage location the user will be shown the popup below where they can enter the quantity to transfer.


The user will select the post button and a material document will be created in SAP for the posting.



The material document number is shown to the user and then the screen below shows the updated stock position that is reflecting in the SAP S/4 system.



This simple example of a material movement shows how SAP Fiori is simplifying transactions in the SAP S/4 system and creating a better user experience for customers.

Over time we will explore some more features of the SAP S/4HANA 1610 system and also see more examples of the Fiori 2.0 features. SAP continues to develop Fiori applications and by considering an upgrade to S/4HANA, customers can leverage Fiori to simplify their business.

My future blog posts will cover details on how S/4 Fiori handles the most frequently used transactions in core ECC.

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