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Intelligent. Modern. Future-Ready. Connect all of your businesses and processes with an ERP system that support operational and financial excellence. ​​ 

Run S/4HANA and unlock new levels of performance and harmony – whether you deploy across Cloud, Private Cloud, or On-Premise. ​ 

GyanSys offers implementation programs for your specific needs, timing, and budget without sacrificing quality. We are SAP S/4HANA Movement Certified with our proven Speedy implementation packages. ​
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Recent News & Updates

  • GyanSys was responsible end-to-end for a successful big-bang deployment of S/4HANA 1610 Finance, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Engineering, and Sales for US, Canada, and China along with a technical upgrade to S/4 2020 at Delta Faucet.
    GyanSys supported Vistaprint’s 9TB S/4HANA brownfield migration to SAP HEC with 4 billion finance records across 6 manufacturing plants. 
    GyanSys led AgReliant Genetics’ digital transformation journey to build a scalable digital core leveraging SAP S/4HANA. ​
    GyanSys supported Avaya’s 14TB S/4HANA brownfield migration to Google Cloud Platform with 1 billion finance records.
    GyanSys led the implementation of S/4HANA Cloud for Finance, Distribution, Supply Chain, Sales, Analytics, and more across IDI Distributors’ 54 warehouses nationwide. 
    GyanSys successfully migrated Allison Transmission as part of their HANA cloud migration project w/minimal disruption, quality driven model and cost-effective solution set
  • Panasonic North America selected GyanSys to assist their global S/4HANA template to be rolled out to 5 group companies over the next 4 years. 
    Himalaya selected GyanSys to implement EPPM on their current SAP S/4HANA 1709 system for their R&D efforts to manage resources and time. 
    Elanco selected GyanSys to implement an EAM solution with Work Manager and MRS on SAP S/4HANA to create complete plant maintenance visibility. 
    GyanSys conducted a 12-week S/4 Fit-Gap Best Practices Assessment in anticipation for a leading pharmaceutical firm’s S/4 brownfield migration. 
    Axium Plastics partnered with GyanSys to implement S/4HANA because of the team’s expertise, hands-on leadership team, and ease of doing business. ​
    GyanSys supported Maui Jim in their journey to SAP’s HANA platform. 
  • A leading glass manufacturer selected GyanSys to architect their greenfield S/4HANA solution globally across multiple divisions for configuration, development, and testing.
    GyanSys assisted Subaru, Elanco, and AM General with their S/4HANA Lift-and-Shift migration approach.
“Delta Faucet Company has chosen GyanSys because of the business process knowledge in combination with S/4HANA expertise. GyanSys’ team has delivered multiple successful engagements and are partners on our digital transformation journey."
Tom Assante - CIO, Delta Faucet Company

SAP interviews Thomas Assante, CIO – Delta Faucet, and Rajkishore Una, President/CEO – GyanSys, for their successful SAP S/4HANA go-live. 

“GyanSys led our team to conduct S/4HANA Best Practice workshops, gap analysis, and recommended the right SAP software bill-of-materials. AgReliant is excited to start our digital transformation journey partnering with GyanSys to build a scalable digital core for our Finance, Purchasing, Planning, Sales, Manufacturing, and Warehouse Management systems.”
Steve Thompson, CIO – AgReliant Genetics
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Customer Story: IDI Distributors' SAP S/4HANA Implementation by GyanSys

Transform Your IT Landscape at Your Own Pace – RISE with SAP®

RISE with SAP brings together the solutions and services you need for true business transformation – in one package – regardless of where your business stands now or where you want it to go. GyanSys is RISE with SAP certified and supporting SAP enterprise customers worldwide. 

As a recognized innovator in digital and process transformation, we are well positioned to move your connected business to Intelligent ERP supporting operational and financial excellence in the cloud, leveraging our accelerated industry focused solutions. 

Take advantage of our hyperscaler partnerships with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Choose your preferred cloud infrastructure to maximize scalability, ensure security and performance with minimal business disruption.
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Speedy S/4HANA Packages

Fixed Price, Fixed Scope Packaged Solutions to Implement S/4HANA in as Little as 16 Weeks
Assessment & PoCs
Learn more about how your organization can test drive and understand the impact of migrating your existing SAP environment to S/4HANA in 30 days with Speedy.​
System Conversions (Brownfield)
Learn more about how your organization can accelerate its system conversion to S/4HANA economically via a factory conversion model.​
New Implementations (Greenfield)
Our Speedy Life Sciences Deployment for New Implementations of SAP S/4HANA packaged solution helps life science customers implement S/4HANA in as quick as 5 months using our unique factory approach for new implementations.​
Industry & LoB
Our Speedy Consumer Products Deployment for New Implementations of SAP S/4HANA packaged solution helps consumer products customers implement S/4HANA in as quick as 4 months using our unique factory approach for new implementations.​

SAP S/4HANA Offerings.

Leverage our process improvement and implementation experience with SAP S/4HANA. 

Preparation Phase
  • ROI/TCO Analysis​
  • Custom Code Remediation​
  • Business Case Development​
  • Data Archiving ​
  • Master Data Preparation​
  • Analytics Assessment​
  • SAP Software BOM & Sizing​
  • Key Business Metrics
Concept Development & Planning
  • Best Practices Workshops​
  • S/4HANA PoC Service​
  • S/4HANA Cloud Assessment​
  • Roadmaps​
  • Strategy & Assessments​
  • Level 3 Fit-Gap Process Analysis​
  • HANA Impact and Readiness
Implementation & Conversion
  • New Implementations​
  • System Conversions​
  • Cloud Migrations​
  • Targeted Transformations & Hybrid​
  • PMO Support Services​
  • Change Management
Maintenance & Support
  • Application Management & Operations​
  • Licensing Optimization​
  • SAP Cloud Platform​
  • Support Optimizations
Landscape Options
  • S/4HANA Cloud​
  • S/4HANA Private Cloud​
  • S/4HANA On-Premise​
  • RISE with SAP S/4HANA
Tools and Accelerators
  • SAP Certified Speedy Packaged Solutions​
  • Salesforce-SAP Connector​
  • S/4HANA Code Remediator​
  • Speedy Data Factory​
  • Speedy S/4HANA Assessment​
  • Speedy RAID