GyanSys provides manual and automated testing services for SAP Projects. Our testing services are geared towards ensuring that the configuration of your SAP system complies with the business requirements defined during blueprint phases.

We include testing of all RICEFW objects created as standard test service offerings.

Manual Testing

GyanSys follows a rigorous Test Methodology that covers following phases:

  • Unit Testing of individual development objects created as part of the project. This includes all RICEFW items (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms and Workflows).
  • Integration Testing Cycles ensure that comprehensive business process testing is carried out and all requirements are validated and verified.
  • Regression Testing Cycles to ensure existing business processes are not impacted by the introduction of changes into the system.
  • Performance Testing or Load Testing Cycles to validate that the necessary infrastructure is in place to support the SAP system to perform at the expected optimal levels, even under stressful circumstances.
  • User Acceptance Testing Cycles to ensure that system features are in line with user expectations and set of acceptance criteria. This is always followed by a formal business acceptance and sign off.

Automated Testing

GyanSys has considerable expertise in leveraging SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (TAO) Application for building automated test components for accelerated testing.

Our experts in this area can help customers realize dramatic cost and time reductions to ‘go to market’ with SAP Projects. As part of our Test Automation Service, we provide:

  • A pre-built library of Test Components for SAP Application.
  • Reusable Test components for customers to use across projects.
  • Auto connection to Solution Manager for Test Component Repository and extended functionality for two-way connection with Quality Center.
  • The ability to automatically create test components or upload test components to HP Quality Centre (QC).
  • An efficient automated Testing suite which reduces the use of test resources and eliminates the need for experts in all SAP modules.

GyanSys automation experts can provide consulting help on the following platforms:

  • SAP Quality Center (QC) and Quick Test Professional (QTP) from HP.
  • Test Data Migration Server
  • (TDMS) SAP Performance Center from HP

GyanSys’ service offerings deliver:

  • Define Roadmap for Testing Strategies which leverage available tool sets across SAP core modules and Business suites.
  • Build several components as part of TAO repository.
  • Recommendations on Testing Approaches for Mini Release and Major Release for Projects.
  • Assistance in selecting the right testing tools.
  • Full-service SAP QA consulting.
  • Strategy for functional, technical, regression, performance testing.
  • Build a Proof of Concept for automation.
  • Test Management tool administration through SAP Solution Manager in integration with HP QC/QTP.
  • We leverage our partnerships with Panaya to identify and assess risk, focus on areas to test based on historical transactions, and automatically generate unit and system integration scripts/scenarios.