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Salesforce Offerings & Services - Field Service

Deliver Exceptional Field Service Experience

Provide and build trusted support in the field with Salesforce Field Service. Resolve service calls faster, improve efficiency, and automate scheduling seamlessly from the field. Deliver exceptional service for your customers and community using Salesforce Field Service.

Grow your front-line service representatives to high-performing teams in Field Service. Having implemented Salesforce Field Service for multiple clients, our experts can help you start with a fresh project or make enhancements to an existing Field Service implementation.

Select Customers Who Trust GyanSys

  • California Closets
    We developed a mobile app for designers using Salesforce’s Field Service technology. It provides up-to-date information on appointments to achieve a personalized consultation. Key metrics and dashboards are now easily accessible as well.
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    Core Health & Fitness
    GyanSys built a Field Service solution that integrated with an existing e-commerce platform to allow Core Health & Fitness customers to create service requests and select pieces of equipment requiring parts, leveraging a foundation of Experience Cloud functionality.
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    Allison Transmission
    GyanSys supported Allison Transmission's implementation of Salesforce Field Service (SFS) for their VET Division.

Get the Most Out of Field Service

Front-line service technicians are key representatives of your brand and we’ll work with you to not only create opportunities to cross-sell and upsell but to keep a meaningful and lasting relationship with your customers. We’ll do this by focusing on the following:
  • Understanding how to support your team to peak efficiency
  • Enabling self-service in customer portals
  • Building out operational capacities
  • Delivering user-friendly solutions
  • Having equipment history and customer profiles right at Field Service professionals’ fingertips
  • Optimizing appointment scheduling by considering variables such as travel time, required skills, and availability

Appointment Assistance

Offer customers self-service for scheduling appointments in a unique to your brand customer portal and bot system, and include Last Mile notifications via the Mobile App.  When necessary, your customers can easily make appointment modifications.

Remote Support

We can enable agents to provide more effective remote support. From on-demand video sessions with customers to AI for character and photo recognition, we keep customers at the core of your business.

Offline Efficiency

With expansive caching of data, technicians can remain productive when signals are not available. Don’t let connectivity issues and remote areas stop your teams.

Calculating Precision

With predictive travel routes, your technicians can ensure their travel times are incorporated into their schedule of appointments. Set your technicians up for success with built-in travel times to resolve customer issues faster.
Use your sales data to inform your marketing spend.

Automatically Assign Jobs from Anywhere

To deliver a key part of your overall business strategy, Field Service needs to be implemented correctly to retain loyal customers. We’ll help automate processes and provide dispatchers with full visibility into the mobile workforce to see every job on a single screen for key prioritization.

Image Recognition and Maintenance

Create image classification and automatically prescribe the right setup for technicians. Field Service technicians can use image recognition to ensure the right product part is fixed or replaced. We’ll help you customize the app to improve service and eliminate additional trips.

Easily map out business requirements & identify gaps that can be resolved with customizations for unique services that set your brand apart.