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Dreamforce 2022

September 20-22, 2022 | San Francisco, California
Join us during our 4 presentations by our product owners to learn about best practices across Experience Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Lightning Platform, & more!

Our Speakers & Topics

We are excited to have four thought leaders from our combined Salesforce Practice selected to present at Dreamforce this year. Their sessions cover topics including best practices for protecting customer data in Experience Cloud, writing robust unit tests that allow for faster deployments, ways for admins and architects to wow business stakeholders with diagrams, and securing integrations for cross-platform and cross-cloud architectures. We would love to invite you and your team to attend and meet in person.
Speaker: Pei Huang
CTO, Salesforce Practice

Named Credentials: Securing and Simplifying API Callouts

Speaker: Cameron Reid
Emerging Technologies Lead

Diagramming for the Admin

Speaker: Leo Di Berardino
Principal Developer

 Open-Source Mocking Framework Based on Apex Stub API

Speaker: Jose Savio
Product Practice Manager

 Best Practices for Data Security in Experience Cloud

Our joint practice has been lucky to present several times at Dreamforce over the past years and share our knowledge with others. For all of our past Dreamforce presentations, check out our playlist on YouTube.

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GyanSys will be at Leo's Oyster Bar - San Francisco - for 9/20 and 9/21. If you are attending Dreamforce, our leadership team will be more than happy to welcome you to our venue located near Moscone Center. To meet with us, schedule a meeting with our team by filling out the form!
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