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An Experience Cloud and Communication Refresh

Batteries Plus provides battery, lighting, smart home, key fob, and phone repair solutions for retail and business customers. GyanSys redesigned their Franchise Community on Salesforce to increase user experience, improve self-service capabilities and provide all Franchise and Corporate entities with a single location to access sales processes – a 360-view of the customer, documentation, knowledge articles, training materials, and other information.

Industry: Franchise & Distribution

Location: Hartland, Wisconsin, United States


$840M USD annual revenue
Over 720 corporate & franchise locations
Over 2,600 employees

Salesforce Products: Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud


Batteries Plus Bulbs had several key business processes built on Salesforce, including a Community for franchise Owners and Commercial Sales Representatives to manage their B2B business pipelines. GyanSys delivered an improved way for franchise Owners and Sales Representatives to manage their CRM data in the community, enable Community scalability, and expand on available features.
Improved Visibility into Sales Pipeline


Faster Tracking of Activities
Increased Integrity and Reportability

Updated Experience Cloud and Flexipages

GyanSys spent time auditing and updating functionality from Batteries Plus Bulbs’ old Community’s template to the new Partner Central template. Their franchise Community leveraged an older Salesforce Communities theme with many added customizations.

Moving away from the 2018 legacy customized theme, Batteries Plus Bulbs now uses responsive Flexipages combined with a new templated experience that gives franchise Owners and commercial Sales Representatives the power to access all the critical data they need to run their sales business through the power of the Experience Cloud builder.
43% of salespeople made use of intelligence tools for their sales tracking and pipeline.
- LinkedIn

Expanded Communication and Automation

Batteries Plus Bulbs needed to move away from their hardcoded Visualforce and Aura community to the new Experience Cloud site with out of the box components. GyanSys also helped to implement a new Account model to display Batteries Plus Bulbs’ unique store hierarchy.

Similarly, Batteries Plus Bulbs admins can manage native layouts and easily be updated based on new data points or updated field locations. Franchise Owners and commercial Sales Reps can use these native and responsive page layouts, related lists and activity components to create a standardized process and reduce the amount of time consumed on manual tasks.

GyanSys also enabled Sales Reps and franchise Owners to track activity, emails, and calendars between Salesforce and Google along with native Email components for communication out of Salesforce.
71% of sales reps say they spend too much time on data entry.
- Toutapp

National Account Access

Batteries Plus Bulbs has several National Accounts with one or many Ship-To locations that needed to be uploaded into their new and upgraded Salesforce instance. GyanSys helped to build a scalable sharing model to allow sales reps full access to National Accounts and continue selling to larger organizations for continued growth.

National Account Managers can now easily update existing National Accounts, as well as update existing and create new Buyer records in Salesforce. This allows the team to better manage their opportunity pipelines and receive notifications.
Companies with sales enablement achieve a 49% win rate on forecasted deals.
- SaaSWorthy

Ensure Salesforce is Up-to-Date and Ready to Scale

Whether your end-user is or what their day-to-day looks like, we can enable their success to access data from a single location with user-friendly tools that help your business scale over time.
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