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Expanding Compass Coffee with a Uniform Central repository

Founded by two former US Marines, Compass Coffee has 12 coffee shop locations around DC and wanted to expand its brand further; however, their information was very siloed with no single source of truth.

Industry: Consumer Goods

Location: Washington, D.C., United States


6-20 users
51-200 employees
$10-50M USD in annual revenue

Salesforce Products: Experience Cloud, Sales Cloud, B2B Commerce

Integrations: NetSuite


Compass Coffee lacked visibility to key metrics and insights on sales communication. With Sales Cloud, they have sales forecasts, trends, leads, and customer preferences all in a single location. GyanSys helped to set Compass up with industry best practices in leads and sales management, allowing for increased visibility and collaboration on their customers and sales deals.
Increased Tracking of Sales Deals
Reduced Number of Manual Tasks
Improved Lead Capture & Nurture Process
"I love the team! They have worked hard to get Compass Coffee up and running on Salesforce ahead of schedule and under budget. We have a ton of other projects to get started on and I am excited to keep crushing it with this team."
Michael Haft, Co-Founder, Compass Coffee

Account & Contact Management for Compass Coffee

Sales reps and the management team can now create new accounts within the CRM, relate them to critical information, and ensure they are up to date. Sales reps will create associated Contacts and Opportunities under an Account to retrieve all related information from the Account record. We implemented a B2B storefront with B2B Commerce and effectively replaced their Shopify integration. Compass Coffee’s internal users can create groupings of accounts to be up to date on prices, products, discounts, and promotions within the digital storefront.

Interactions between Sales reps and customers can also be logged to the related account or contact, providing visibility into customer communications. Compass Coffee customers will view their account information and make updates to specific information on their account to ensure it remains relevant. Customers will also be able to see their order history from within the storefront.
GyanSys has helped several coffee companies implement this kind of functionality.

Training and Adoption Strategies for Sally Beauty Sales Consultants

With limited tools existing previously for distributor sales consultants the biggest challenge was user adoption and training on the Salesforce Platform.

Our team helped Sally Beauty Distributed Sales Consultants fully understand and utilize customer data to assist them in servicing their customer needs.
Americans are expected to spend over $85 Billion on Coffee in 2020, and over $96 billion in 2023.
- Statista
View contacts and related accounts for full visibility

Product & Order Management

Internal Compass Coffee users are able to create Products within Salesforce and determine which Products can be exposed to which account groups and which products have certain discounts or promotions. Employees also have the ability to categorize their Products and determine the filtering criteria that can be used by customers to filter Products on the storefront.

Customers are now able to view the Products made available to them within the storefront. They can search for and filter Products to find exactly what they are looking for.

As customers determine which products they want to purchase, they will be able to add these to their storefront shopping cart and view their cart at any time from within the storefront. As part of the checkout process, tax will be automatically calculated for the location the customer is in.
Global ecommerce sales is expected to grow 21% to a total of $5.545 trillion in 2022.
- Oberlo
View SKUs and filter Products to find what you need

Ensuring Your Team’s Success

Compass Coffee achieved their goal of reducing the hours spent performing low-value tasks for their team thanks to GyanSys’s building and maintaining their technology. Value was quickly delivered to internal users and customers thanks to GyanSys’s help.
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