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Erie Meats is one of Canada’s largest producers of packaged meats and is a family-owned business. As a Consumer Packaged Goods company, they partner with restaurant chains and food distributors which required a CRM for their specific industry needs.

Industry: Consumer Goods

Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


501-1,000 employees
$37M annual revenue

Salesforce Products: Consumer Goods Cloud


Erie Meats needed consistent and standardized processes across their teams, along with the automation of manual activities to improve user experience. We facilitated their sales team with the tools they need to efficiently and effectively perform their daily tasks to focus on customer success and growth. Erie Meats chose not to integrate Salesforce with its legacy ERP as they wish to scale for the future.


Faster Collaboration & Decision Making


Increase in Revenue Generation


Faster Analysis of Business Data

Sales Representatives & Deal Management

Sales Representatives needed key insights related to the accounts and deals they are working on to manage their tasks, track deals, and improve customer experience. They needed a compelling user interface to view all management information related to sales in a single location and review historical information too.

With Consumer Goods Cloud, Representatives can update their in-flight deals and make sure information is accurately reflected in the application. Sales representatives are also now able to collaborate with managers and others within the organization, thanks to the integration of Salesforce.
In-system view of Sales Dashboard
The forecasted market value of the processed meat industry is supposed to scale from 550 billion USD to 737 billion USD from now until 2026.
- Statista
Retail Store visits list view

Erie Meats Gains Visibility on Analytics for Sales Managers

With Sales Representatives having more visibility into the accounts they are on, so does Erie Meats’ sales managers. Their managers benefit from having visibility into their top performing accounts, products and representatives from within a single location. Managers can view Sales Representatives upcoming account visits and all activities on a specific account. They will be able to seamlessly collaborate with their representatives on pending deals and on important accounts.
View of Manager’s Report on Top Performing Sales Representatives
Players operating in the processed meat market have used a variety of developmental strategies to expand their market share, exploit the processed meat market opportunities, and boost market profitability.
- Allied Market Research

Grow Product Lines and Accounts with GyanSys

Assign tasks to specific sales representatives and track the progress of your goals and revenue with ease. Salesforce will show your representatives what you to do and be able to execute efficiently so you can reach these goals as a team.
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