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Key Team Members Scaling for Long-Term Growth

Udemy wanted to grow and scale their Salesforce instance to increase their B2B revenue based on their recent IPO. GyanSys aided in the operational rollout of Salesforce technologies by readying Udemy’s internal teams, employing change management techniques, and helping their team scale with Salesforce.

Industry: Technology

Location: San Francisco, California, United States


1,000 employees
$300M USD annual revenue
3,500+ users

Salesforce Products: Sales Cloud, CPQ

Integrations: Snowflake, NetSuite, Tableau


Udemy’s years-old implementation of Salesforce CPQ did not reflect the scale of Udemy’s new approach to B2B. This resulted in lower end-user adoption and prevented users from being efficient and effective in their day-to-day use of the system. GyanSys interviewed stakeholders to understand pain points, documented technical best practices, and proposed a solution plan enabling Udemy to succeed with Salesforce.


More Efficient Campaign Execution
(Increase in batch sizes from Marketo to Salesforce)
Implemented VPN solution for the entire Salesforce Org


Improved Data Usage 
(Efficient Storage and Archival strategies)

Audit of Udemy’s Current Salesforce Landscape

GyanSys assisted Udemy in answering their teams’ needs by first diving into their core configuration and setup, identifying how it needed upgrading to account for current and future organizational changes.

Based on this solid initial analysis GyanSys built out a highly detailed future state business architecture, capability map, and technology roadmaps. In doing so, GyanSys removed Udemy’s technical blockers, empowering the company to the next step with Salesforce and their business.
GyanSys optimized Udemy’s bulk import records.

Communication and Training Strategy for Udemy

GyanSys developed a training and enablement strategy for each persona we outlined in our discovery, crafting a persona-based communications strategy and execution plan and proposing ideal platforms and formats along with a way of tracking metrics. Based on all this, GyanSys created training templates fundamental to the adoption strategy we delivered to Udemy.
The missing Product Owner persona would liaise with RevOps, Biz Dev, Sales, Marketing Ops, and more.

Stakeholder Coaching and Management

It was vital to Udemy that everyone involved understood how Salesforce works and its capabilities. We not only trained staff but coached stakeholders and the excellent management team with assets that would uplift their understanding and demonstrate how these improved processes will affect them in the future.
GyanSys introduced formal approval processes to replace Udemy’s existing ad-hoc workflow to improve the team management efficiency.

Future Enhancements and Support

Udemy has shifted their focus to a B2B model while still retaining B2C. Because of this transition we will continue to help them make enhancements to their Salesforce org over the coming years. Our support in assisting a business scale is unwavering. We can even lend our expertise to help Udemy hire more Salesforce experts internally to support them in their long-term future goals.
GyanSys onboarded two new resellers in Japan and China to drive revenue growth.

No better company to aid you with  Salesforce than GyanSys

Our expertise in Salesforce and how it connects to businesses’ broader technology and processes, along with our top-tier communication, clarity, and transparency, are how we can successfully help businesses like Udemy scale for the future and be an integral part of their team.
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