GyanSys Supply Chain Solutions – for the perfect continuum

With the growing complexity in supply networks, IT organizations are at odds at maintaining a balance between achieving exceptional customer responsiveness while optimizing quality, price, and the overall service. Some of the critical challenges that IT organizations are working towards overcoming include –

  • Limited visibility of forecast to other departments leading to lost sales or higher shipping costs
  • Manual planning at different levels resulting in delayed response to market changes
  • Lack of optimal plans for production, purchasing and distribution
  • Under-utilization of resources due to sub-optimal scheduling
  • Delays in coordinating between plants

How do we help companies succeed?

  • Implementation of APO, Demand Planning, SNC and SNP
  • Barcoding & print label solution
  • Middleware configuration for data replication
  • Indirect procurement/plan driven [direct] procurement/services procurement
  • Integration with ECC backend for purchasing, Inventory Management and Accounts Payable
  • WebDynPro enhancements
  • APO Live cache optimization
  • APO planning templates

Supply Chain Value Map and GyanSys’ Experience

Sample Case Study – – GATP Sourcing Process for a High-Tech Industry

Business Background

Solution Consideration

Business Benefits

  • GATP rule based sourcing sequence for product and location substitution
  • Multi-pass sourcing sequence
  • Calculation profile or Allowed delay concept in promising logic as part of Multi-pass sourcing sequence
  • Warranty and obsolete parts substitution process