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Posted September 20, 2023

Dreamforce 2023: Top Takeaways & Highlights 

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Dreamforce 2023 has come to an end, and we can’t help but think what a game-changing event of the year it was. As we bid farewell to this incredible conference, we can't help but reflect on the wealth of connections, inspiration, and innovation that we've encountered over the past few days. If you were not able to make it, here are some of the most remarkable takeaways from Dreamforce for GyanSys.  

Amazing Sessions by our Salesforce Solution Experts 

We were back this year with another set of four sessions led by our very own industry solution experts! If you missed out on our presentations, you can learn more below: 

Corey Hayden presenting on Distributor Rebate Management and Manufacturing Cloud at #DF23.

Dreamforce is back! It was an honor to be able to speak in front of and be around so many passionate members of the ecosystem on rebate management. We were able to have some great conversations and learn more about the exciting year to come on the platform. 

- Corey Hayden 

Penny Clark presenting on Accessibility Best Practices for Lightning Web Components at #DF23.

Dreamforce was a great experience. It was awesome to connect with so many smart people and it was exciting to see all the energy and enthusiasm around improving web accessibility. Hope to see even more content on this topic next year! 

- Penny Clark

Kalpesh Gandhi and Angie Lyons presenting on How Maui Jim Utilizes Data Cloud to Engage Customers at #DF23. 

My First Dreamforce is a memory that I will cherish for a lifetime. It was such a pleasure sharing a stage with our client Angie Lyons, from Maui Jim, and talking about the hottest topic at the conference, Data Cloud. It was also great to connect, learn, and collaborate with friends, colleagues, and customers. Thank you to Angie, GyanSys, and Dreamforce for making this happen. 

- Kalpesh Gandhi 

Colin Hamilton presenting on Powering Your Field Service with Dynamic Scheduling at #DF23. 

I loved getting back to Dreamforce this year and particularly enjoyed getting engaged with customers about our Field Service Dynamic Scheduling Tool and also about their business needs in general. I had lots of great interactions with great people and a lot to learn over those 3 days. I'd encourage everybody who can get down to SF for Dreamforce to come and see! 

- Colin Hamilton 

What We Loved About #DF23 

Building a huge momentum, this year’s Dreamforce started with a bang! The main keynote started us off with the great catchphrase: “Everyone’s an Einstein” with Data + AI + CRM and Trust. 

Dreamforce 2023 Customer 360

Highlights You Should Watch on Salesforce+ 

If you missed out on all the fun innovation announcements of DF23, we definitely recommend you watch the Best of Dreamforce collection, specifically Episode 1 and Episode 5 on Salesforce +. In these 2 episodes, we are being charged to look at AI innovations as an opportunity for growth, shift and the radical landscape changes it will bring about – creating one polymorphic integrated system. So, what are some of the top innovations for Salesforce?  

Einstein 1 Platform built into all of the Salesforce applications with connective data driving and powering all interactions makes it easier for all users to scale their work and hit the ground running. Without integrated and unified data, you can’t have the base for powerful predictive AI. Enter Einstein 1 Data Cloud built into the Einstein 1 Platform. This is where all our dreams come together – connecting our islands of disconnected data and other data lakes into all the Salesforce applications and building flows, reports, and dashboards, which allows all this data to speak the same language. 

In addition to these innovations, the Einstein Trust Layer will allow them to overcome the pushback from end users to accept AI with data protection built in and the zero data retention policy within the system is a game changer.  

Alongside this, Einstein Copilot was another great announcement, where users and customers can interact more easily with Salesforce using natural language. This is where AI is changing the way we build applications – instead of clicks and buttons, the interactions become conversations, which then connect not to code but to prompts that are data-grounded with more context, not just data-driven. 

Not only that, but with the Einstein Copilot Studio you can customize your assistant with no code, it is again a game changer for what Salesforce is bringing to the table and how users interact and use the system. This drives home the most important aspect of all these solutions – augmenting the conversation and delivering authentic intelligence to make the connection with the customer tighter.  

Dreamforce 2023 AI

With these new product announcements, we recommend watching Episodes 14 on 7 Tips for Getting Started with Prompt Design where you can dive a little deeper into the Prompt studio capabilities – how to create, test, and play with prompt templates. Then move on to Episode 15 on Einstein Trust Layer to delve into the ethics and developing AI more responsibly, or in other words Generate Responsible AI with Einstein - create generative AI your customers can trust. You should not miss watching Episode 27 focusing on Ethical AI – making decisions from the different contexts of human values, priorities, and tension; more than just classifying AI as “ethical” and “non-ethical”.  

Moving Forward 

Now, armed with fresh insights and inspiration, it's time to take the lessons learned at Dreamforce and turn them into actionable strategies for the future. We are excited to implement new strategies, explore innovative technologies, and strengthen our commitment to excellence in all we do. 

Thank you to the Salesforce community, the Dreamforce organizers, and the incredible speakers who made this event a resounding success. Until we meet again at Dreamforce 2024, stay tuned for more exciting updates and insights from GyanSys. 

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