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Posted November 15, 2023

Key Highlights & Takeaways from SAP TechEd Bangalore 2023

One of the most anticipated tech events to close the year strong for GyanSys was SAP TechEd 2023. As we bid farewell to this incredible conference, we can't help but reflect on what an unforgettable journey of learning, collaboration, and inspiration, and we're excited to share the key highlights with you. If you were not able to make it, here are some of the most remarkable takeaways from SAP TechEd for GyanSys.  

Amazing Sessions by GyanSys SAP Solution Experts 

We joined SAP TechEd as a Platinum sponsor and hosted two informative Voice of Partner sessions led by our very own industry solution experts and clients, Vista, and boAt! If you missed out on our presentations, you can learn more below: 

SAP TechEd Voice of Partner session with Vista
Deepak Vaishya and Itika Mahaptra presenting with Vista at SAP TechEd 23.
SAP TechEd Voice of Partner session with boAt
Santanu Nayak presenting with boAt at SAP TechEd 2023.

Top GyanSys SAP Innovations at SAP TechEd 

As SAP TechEd unveiled and featured cutting-edge technologies and real-world applications, GyanSys as an SAP Gold Partner showcased our newest innovation in 2023.  

GyanSys Genie - Generative AI 

Powered by generative AI and leveraging machine learning algorithms, GyanSys Genie generates the most accurate and relevant search processes for a complete end-to-end conversational and transactional experience. This means using this innovative AI assistant helps to extract the right answers from deep within documents and provides fast guidance to support staff. Plus, users can execute transactions in response to conversational commands and provide data-based recommendations based on profile, transactions, and query context. 

SAP Signavio 

Many companies can continue to transform their business by learning how to take a closer look on four specific areas – business strategy, processes and workflows, systems and core applications, and people. GyanSys unlocks the true power of the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite by empowering clients to build a single source of truth for continual digital transformation. Our end-to-end business process transformation methodology targets improving processes by delivering innovative solutions through process analysis and mining. What this means for your company is reducing your time to insights and easily identifying root causes, getting full visibility into real process execution, and improving collaboration across your whole organization to enable faster improvement. 


At our SAP TechEd booth, we showcased SAP BTP BPA, a low-cost versatile tool that can be used to automate a wide range of business processes, and it is easy to use, even for business users with no coding experience.  

GyanSys has a team of experienced SAP BTP RPA consultants who can help customers to get the most out of the software. GyanSys also offers a number of SAP BTP RPA training courses to help customers learn how to use the software effectively. Here are some specific examples of how businesses are using SAP BTP RPA today: 

  • A manufacturing company used SAP BTP RPA to automate its order fulfillment process. This reduced the time it took to fulfill orders by 20%.  
  • A financial services company used SAP BTP RPA to automate its customer service process. This improved the accuracy of customer information by 10%.  
  • A healthcare provider used SAP BTP RPA to automate its billing process. This reduced the number of billing errors by 50%. 


MDG advantages outweigh current master data management challenges. SAP MDG reduces master data creation time by 75%, it also has a DQM Mechanism built in that ensures data quality and offers simpler reporting capabilities with a single source of truth for all org data. GyanSys has developed an accelerator using MDG functionality to enable Mass copy Material that is not currently available with the current SAP solution. What this means for your organization is better engagement with external business partners, limiting exposure of your IT core infrastructure, simplified and more intuitive user experience, real-time data quality checks, and offering self-service data management portals, just to name a few. 

One Domain Data Model 

The SAP ODM was another great demo that caught the interest of our booth visitors. We presented the essential functionality of this common data model that provides a consistent view of master data across SAP's Intelligent Suite of applications.  

We shared a few examples of how the SAP One Domain Data Model can benefit businesses:  

  • A global retailer can use ODM to ensure that customer data is consistent across all of its stores and e-commerce platforms. This can help the retailer to improve the customer experience and reduce the risk of errors.  
  • A manufacturing company can use ODM to ensure that product data is consistent across all of its design, manufacturing, and sales systems. This can help the company to improve the efficiency of its product development and manufacturing processes.  
  • A financial services company can use ODM to ensure that customer and account data is consistent across all of its risk management, compliance, and fraud detection systems. This can help the company to reduce its risk exposure and protect its customers. 

Voice-based Freestyle FIORI Applications 

It is well known that the BTP based freestyle FIORI application facilitates the automatic approval of purchase orders within the backend system (S/4 HANA). But with the built-in voice command feature users can minimize their overall interaction in the approval process. What makes this innovative is the Business Rules & Automate Functionality integrated within BPA (workflow management). This auto-approval process allows for seamless communication between approvers involved and easily sends the approval or rejection data to the S/4 HANA backend system. Utilizing the power of BPA + Workflow Management minimizes the overall efforts required for the custom development and minimizes the number of integration points required for the overall approval process. 

SAP TechEd 2023 Keynote Session

What We Loved at #SAPTechEd 

The conference underscored the critical role of digital transformation in today's business landscape and the need for organizations to embrace innovative technologies to stay competitive. SAP TechEd’s series of dynamic keynotes left a lasting impression, highlighting the immense potential of AI in revolutionizing our world. We also came prepared with our own AI innovations with SAP Technology. So, let’s dive into what stood out for our team!  

Highlights You Should Watch on SAP TechEd Virtual 

If you missed out on all the biggest innovation announcements at SAP TechEd, we definitely recommend you watch on demand the Executive Keynote and the Business Application Keynote on SAP TechEd Virtual. Within the first 3 minutes of the Executive Keynote, we are given the motto of the whole event “SAP is your best friend to deploy generative AI”. Not only that but we are also asked to renew our thinking on how to take this new AI magic and solve business use cases. So, what are we to expect in 2024? 

One of the main highlights showcased the fully integrated new AI copilot, Joule, within the SAP BTP platform helps users to continue to interact and keep the initial conversation going throughout your journey with different SAP solutions thanks to the new AI assistant. Following that the biggest release of the event was the SAP Build Code, a generative AI-powered application development solution built on SAP BTP. 

SAP TechEd 2023 Keynote Session Announcements

The keynote session also revealed several product announcements that were also very exciting. The first one was the new addition to SAP Datasphere that focuses on simplifying data management and maximizing data value by unifying all your data. The SAP Datasphere Semantic Onboarding is a layer designed to streamline the loading or onboarding of SAP application data with full context to your existing business fabric and easily create data models without the need to understand the data structures.  

The next exciting announcement was on point with the newest launch of SAP HANA Cloud Vector Engine. To enhance the usability of large language models that lack company-specific data and business process contact, the new engine combines the capabilities of LLMs with relevant organizational data in turn delivering vector efficiency the SAP HANA Cloud database. What does this mean for your business? Once the vector capabilities are embedded into your database, you can ask the large language model to summarize long product documentation and extract the most relevant information. 

What comes next is no surprise – new additional features to the SAP Analytics Cloud. The new capabilities include Lightweight Viewer and Just Ask. The viewer allows for enhanced filtering and improved navigation for a faster and smoother experience to render results, while the natural language capabilities with Just Ask allow you to quickly get your business questions answered.  

To close the keynote strong, SAP also announced the Generative AI Hub, a one-stop shop to build and extend applications powered by AI and generative AI on SAP BTP, that allows easy access to language models such as Azure OpenAI and Falcon-40b. The easy-to-use interface allows developers to supercharge Gen AI development processes with prompt and workflow management. 

There was also one main thing that stood out for us – the expansion of the SAP Task Center to non-SAP applications. This includes the ability to integrate workflows from Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday, and most other applications. This is definitely a game changer, and we can’t wait to showcase what the capabilities can achieve for our clients’ organizations. 

Moving Forward

Now, armed with fresh insights and inspiration, it's time to take the lessons learned at SAP TechEd and turn them into actionable strategies for the future. We are excited to implement new strategies, explore innovative technologies, and strengthen our commitment to excellence in all we do. 

GyanSys & Dream11 team
GyanSys & Upfield team
GyanSys & Unilever team
GyanSys & Reckitt team
GyanSys & AMAT team.
GyanSys meets Juergen Mueller, CTO, SAP
GyanSys & Target team
GyanSys & Page Industries team
GyanSys meets Nagesh Caparthy, SAP BTP Customer Relationship Manager for APJ.
GyanSys & Thermax team
GyanSys meets with Sabine Schmitt, SAP Signavio Product Development. 

Thank you to the SAP community, the SAP TechEd organizers, and the incredible speakers who made this event a resounding success. Until we meet again at SAP TechEd 2024, stay tuned for more exciting updates and insights from GyanSys. 

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