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Posted March 24, 2023

Insightful Review of SAP PRESS's "Sales and Operations Planning with SAP IBP"

by Sundeep Pai

Modern-day supply chain challenges and disruptions include increased speed and complexity of global supply chains, individualization of goods and services, globalization, mobility, and connectivity, to name a few. These challenges have made supply chain planning more critical and pushed supply chain planners to operate in almost real-time and develop ever-more-detailed plans. The sales and operations planning (S&OP) process has become the core of this change, requiring unassailable and resilient assistance to adapt to the shifting demands of the global market.

A recently published book by SAP PRESS, “Sales and Operations Planning with SAP IBP," authored by Sagar Deolalikar and a team of experienced practitioners, can be helpful to companies facing these supply chain challenges and disruptions. The book provides a comprehensive guide to designing and implementing SAP IBP, a solution that facilitates data exchange and fosters consensus building by connecting all parties through a collaboration platform and guiding the user through every stage of the process. It covers all the salient parts of the S&OP process, including demand planning, supply planning, simulations, analytics, collaboration, management by exception, and other essential capabilities.

Moreover, the book provides use cases ready to be used and a multi-chapter explanation of how to incorporate the planning cycle into the SAP IBP customized to a company's business needs. It will help companies to streamline and modify their procedures, boost cost savings, and customer centricity, leading to a more data-driven, responsive planning process. The book will be helpful for the S&OP process champions, S&OP leaders, business managers, business analysts, technical configurators, consultants, students, and anyone looking to understand the role of S&OP and SAP IBP in more detail. It is an excellent resource for those who want to learn how to leverage technology to enhance their S&OP processes and achieve better supply chain planning results.

In essence, companies need to adopt agile and resilient planning processes to overcome the challenges and disruptions facing modern-day supply chains. The sales and operations planning process has become more critical than ever, and technology solutions such as SAP IBP can help organizations address these challenges. The book "Sales and Operations Planning with SAP IBP" will be a valuable resource for companies looking to implement SAP IBP and enhance their S&OP processes to achieve better supply chain planning results.

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