New Logic for SAP COPA Segment Number Determination


Current COPA Segment Determination Logic

All Business Process such as Sales Order, Invoice, Journal Entry, COPA Direct posting and Plan values, derive COPA Segment based on a unique combination of characteristic values. If new values encountered, the system creates a new segment number in CE4xxxx table and assigns the segment number to line items. Different tables for two types COPA modules – Account Based and Costing Based would use this unique segment number for storing the actuals or plan values. From S/4 1511 version onwards, Account Based COPA is designed to store values in Universal Journal table – ACDOCA and simplified the COPA reconciliation between “General Ledger Accounting” and Profitability Analysis.

While elimination of CO tables simplified reporting for Account Based COPA, the table access for CE4xxxx table was performed by multiple business processes.

Issues with COPA Segment Determination and Storage Logic

Following issues were identified in above solution of using same segment numbers for multiple business processes.

  • Performance Issues: Every business process needs to check the table CE4XXXX to determine whether new “Segment” is needed. This impacts system performance significantly and counter productive to simplification drive by SAP Solutions
  • Summarization Issues: Characteristic summarization process is invoked on to table CE4XXXX such that information sometimes gets lost unexpectedly in a business process if a characteristic is summarized.

Simplification Solution in SAP S/4 1709 (On-Premise and Cloud)

SAP changed the logic of assigning the Segment Number. New Table is created CE4XXX_ACCT and segment numbers are uniquely generated in this table by respective business process. No summarization is applied to CE4XXXX_ACCT table.

Business Processes not covered by Simplification

Following Business Processes still use CE4XXXX and do not use the segment number created in new table CE4XXXX_ACCT

  • Costing Based COPA – this type of COPA is not in SAP’s target architecture and still uses CE4XXXX table for storing “Segment Number”
  • Cost Center Allocations
  • Top Down Distribution
  • Classic COPA Planning (KEPM)

Impact existing data on 1610 and Previous Versions

Custom programs which are reading the table CE4XXXX directly needs to be further analyzed to see whether ACDOCA table can be used for data retrieval.

SAP automatically redirecting the data of COEP ( old account based ) to ACDOCA table. SAP standard functionality 1709 is storing all segment data in ACDOCA table.

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