S/4 Pre-Project: Leverage Business Benefits by Implementing Material Ledger

Did you know that Material Ledger is mandatory in S/4HANA? Since SAP has extended ECC maintenance to 2027, take advantage of Material Ledger implementation as a stand-alone pre-project before your S/4HANA migration.

Why implement Material Ledger now?

Whether you are a CFO, controller or manager, SAP Material Ledger provides you with the accurate information allowing faster strategic ‘buy-source-make’ decisions.

Here are a few key drivers in your decision making process:

  • Do your organizational Standards reflect Actual Cost on an ongoing basis?
  • Is there an accuracy of Cost flow between Manufacturing Plants?
  • How do you establish blended cost when product is procured and produced?
  • How do you capture – Freight, Duty and Markup costs?
  • Can you carry out multi-dimensional Analysis of Production Variances?

Here is how the Material Ledger integration flows across CO-PA:

Material Ledger integration to CO-PA

When implemented properly, Material Ledger can bring transparency to valuation chain with:

  • Variance Visibility across the Inventory Value chain from procurement to production
  • Variances Allocation to product that are otherwise invisible
  • Periodic Actual Costing a tool for faster strategic decisions
  • Simultaneous Inventory Valuation in multiple currencies

Material Ledger can be implemented easily to deliver business value from the get-go, based on a detailed assessment of your business challenges, defined success metrics, and a clear roadmap.

How can GyanSys help?

GyanSys has provided significant value to our customers by implementing Material Ledger as a stand-alone project prior to S/4HANA migration. We will share successful customer case-studies on our clients take advantage of implementing Material Ledger now, rather than waiting until S/4 is implemented. We can assist you with our vast experience from across 25+ SAP S/4HANA implementations.

Our key deliverables:

  • Review current standard cost practices in your organization
  • Analyze current cost movement between plants – Inter and Intracompany
  • Review all types of variances and provide detailed dataflow for allocating and absorbing variances at multiple level
  • Provide key business inputs on how Material Ledger help them with Cost Analysis
  • Analyze integration with COPA
  • Roadmap and ML Implementation Schedule

Material Ledger implementation will add significant value today. It will also minimize the system downtime and simplify your S/4HANA migration in the future.

Interested in finding out more about implementing material ledger before your S/4 migration? Click here to contact us to schedule a session with our experts!

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