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SAP IBP Order Based Planning – “Real Time Integration (RTI)”

By GyanSys Inc.

For businesses using SAP IBP’s “Response & Supply Planning” module, SAP is recommending use of its “Real Time Integration” technology for order-based data integration between SAP IBP and SAP transactional systems (S/4HANA, ECC).

RTI is the latest technology from SAP to enable “near” real-time integration for order-based planning; in future also planned to be used for time-series planning. This technology is expected to replace its predecessor SDI (Smart Data Integration) technology.

IBP customers using order-based planning will find major benefits in using RTI technology.

1. Why RTI?

  • RTI is SAP’s recommended latest integration technology for ‘Order-Based Planning’ (OBP)
  • Data will always be in synch between execution and planning system
  • Real time visibility of data in planning system will improve planner efficiency
  • No need of batch jobs for data integration
  • Automated data integration error handling capability (in Q1 Y2023)
  • RTI capability extended to non-SAP execution systems (in Y2023)

2. Ready for RTI?

NoScenarioOur Recommendation
1Existing SAP IBP Customer – Already Productive on OBP and SDI    Continue using SDI and transition to RTI when existing scope is covered in RTI. Implementing RTI should be considered as a new project because the planning model is differentSDI will be supported by SAP till RTI reaches its maturity curve
2Greenfield / New implementation of OBP post Jan 2022Use RTI if the scope of integration matches the scope of the project. Otherwise, use SDI. Contact SAP as required
3Customer having Non-SAP Execution System and Planning to Implement OBP    Use SDI for integrating 3rd party system if implementing OBP in Y2022 or implement OBP using RTI after Q1 Y2023 RTI currently integrates with only SAP execution systems (S/4HANA, ECC)RTI expected to support integration of non-SAP execution system in Q1 Y2023; please refer SAP’s Roadmap for RTI
4Use RTI for Time Series and Order Based Planning    Use CI-DS for time series till RTI is available for Time Series. SAP plans in future to use RTI as the common tool for both Time series and Order based Planning. For time series integration with RTI, the timeline is not yet confirmed; please refer SAP’s Roadmap for RTI

3. SAP IBP Order based Integration Architecture

The below representation of SAP IBP Order based integration architecture using recently introduced RTI technology will deliver almost real time integration from source to target system via asynchronous functions:

The below decision tree is recommended by SAP to help determine the integration technology that is best suitable for your IBP scenario.  

4. Technology Prerequisites

The following table lists the prerequisites to implement RTI technology in SAP IBP landscape.

SAP ECCGreater than EHP4 SP 24
SAP S/4HANAGreater than 1709
Planning AreaSAP7F
Tools RequiredBTP license & Cloud connector

5. Conclusion

Given SAP’s roadmap for RTI and its expected benefits, it seems logical for IBP-OBP customers (existing, new) to consider and adopt RTI as the integration technology in its SAP IBP landscape.

We at GyanSys are committed to helping your business to adopt/transition to RTI in a seamless manner. Reach out to us for more insights.